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The Creativity Crisis

13 July 2010 | Comments Off

Definitely worth a read: Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman’s Newsweek article on creativity in America.

Try and find a school that isn’t scraping up pocket change to teach art, music, or anything that isn’t math and science. All these things are important, but in the end where we’re slipping is the application toward “production of something original and useful”. Ingenuity has always been our country’s key asset. So it’s scary when you read: “For two decades, our nation’s creativity scores have been plummeting – kids’ scores worst of all.”

But it’s encouraging to read: “New research shows how to fix it.”

We’re in. If you are too, here’s what to do:

Read the article “The Creativity Crisis” here:

Learn how to foster creativity and “Forget Brainstorming: here:

Get creative with your kids here:

And hopefully, you all still have your award-winning FINE pencil packs from a couple years back laying around with the creative workbook to revisit…

6 bits of FINE Design Group advice that will land you in prison

24 June 2010 | Comments Off

Having a hard time coming up with a catchy title for your blog post? Why not try the LinkBait Generator ?

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From Boing Boing.

Google throws their hat into the web fonts ring

19 May 2010 | 1 comment

Google announced that they are releasing high quality open source fonts in the Google Font Directory. Since these are open source you can even download the original font files yourself at the font project.

Google has made it very easy to include these fonts into your page using the new Google Font API.

Original post from Ajaxian

The Culture of Color

26 April 2010 | Comments Off

That color you’ve chosen. It’s probably offending someone in Greece, boring someone in Africa, revolting someone in Singapore, and titillating someone in Mexico. Good luck with your global brand!

Flash, web standards and rich experiences, oh my!

12 April 2010 | Comments Off

“At the heart of the matter is how to deliver a great experience to users no matter the technology or platform.”

Read on, oh wise ones

Typography and the iPad

8 April 2010 | Comments Off

I want an iPad as much as the next designer, but this article makes it seem a little less appealing. Come on Apple, Baskerville for body copy? Marker Felt AGAIN?

Nice jQuery background image slideshow

7 April 2010 | Comments Off

a nice jQuery slideshow for background images. Demo here. (via @smashingmag)

Horizontalism and Readability

6 April 2010 | Comments Off

An interesting essay by Frank Chimero on reading horizontally on the web. I for one wouldn’t mind putting the scrollbar to rest. (via Thinking for a Living)

Domain Grooviness

6 April 2010 | Comments Off

If you need a domain name because your first choice,, is taken just like everything else, here’s a page chock full of places to start. It’s Domain Groovy!

The Future of CSS Typography

10 March 2010 | Comments Off

More of a primer on where things are with CSS3 and the new options that will become available, than a straight discussion of Fonts on the web, but still a good read.