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James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution: 2/3

3 February 2012 | Comments Off

A weekly roundup from the web technologies world.

Developing for old browsers is (almost) a thing of the past
Key word is “almost”

Mozilla developing Web push notification system for Firefox
Notify your website users even if they aren’t on your site.

Mac OSX Lion’s scroll breaks the web
You probably thought you were scrolling horizontally. Nope! Page forward!

8 Tips for Sane IA
A nice roundup of information architecture ideas.

Tools for the next generation of Web Applications
Jens Nockert looks at some new tools for the web.

Responsive Design Test Bookmarklet
View your site in multiple browser sizes at once.

An iOs app actually takes a lot of work!
The red tape of iOS

James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution: 1/26

26 January 2012 | Comments Off

HTML5 Please
The good folks at HTML5 Boilerplate and Modernizr offer their recommendations on what HTML5 features are ready to use.

Apple Reports Best Quarter Ever
I think this company might have a future

Give Me Spark
Good decisions come from good debates

A Brief, Incomplete and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages
Emphasis on ‘mostly wrong’

High Performance HTML5
Steve Sounders talks HTML5 and speed

Command & Conquer HTML5
This HTML5/JS version goes open source

HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills
A nice list of available polyfills for just about everything


James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution: Friday the 13th Edition

13 January 2012 | Comments Off

Friday the 13th Superstitions Explained
Cross your fingers and knock on wood

The Internet Goes on Strike
Reddit and Wikipedia confirm Jan. 18th blackout to protest SOPA

A Prototype is Worth a Thousand Words
How documentation can only go so far

The Bug Fix that Could Make the Internet 5% Faster
Google Analytics developer has a problem with their cookies

Nokia Maps 3D
100% WebGL 0% plugin

Asynchronous UIs – The Future of Web User Interfaces
We don’t need no stinking page refresh

IE6 Countdown
IE6 usage drops below 1% in the US

James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution: 12/23

23 December 2011 | Comments Off

Chrome 15 is Now World’s Most Popular Browser (Version)
Chrome’s #1! Chrome’s #1!

Bill DeRouchey’s Talks at CreativeMornings/Portland
Watch the Creative Director of Simple talk about creating with an opinion.

Finding Waldo with Code
It’s officially time for him to change his shirt.

VideoSWS: HTML5 Video Player Comparison
Who know there were so many?

User Retention as a Service?
With so much attention on gaining users, what can we do to keep them?

20 Sites that Pushed Javascript to the Limit
Which sites unlocked the hidden gems of the modern browser in 2011?

GoDaddy Faces Boycott Threat from SOPA Opponents
GoDaddy supports SOPA, loses customers

WebGL Nyan Cat
It was only a matter of time…


James’ 100% Technical Good Time FINE Link Solution: 12/16

16 December 2011 | Comments Off

TextMate 2.0 Alpha
The TextMate we know and love is finally growing up!

The Quicksort Algorithm Explained
…using Hungarian folk dance.

15 Web Conference Talks You Need to Watch
According to .net Magazine

Microsoft Turns on Auto Update Internet Explorer for Everyone
The internet applauds.

An Intro to OOCSS
Let’s all do our part to fight CSS bloat.

Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps
An excellent slideshow on bringing HTML5 features to non-supported browsers.

Speaking of polyfills, here’s a good one for CSS3 Media Queries

Hidden Industry Dupes Social Media Users
Your captchas aren’t enough anymore.

Why Apps Are Not The Future
The web is dead, or is it? A simple case against apps.


Wine And Find: SEO For Winery Websites

15 December 2011 | Comments Off

From Chateau Montelena to Chateau Ste. Michelle, FINE has designed and developed winery websites for archetypes throughout the industry. When FINE acquired Big Daylight in 2011 and established a search engine marketing division, the immediate opportunity was to move beyond building glamorous online destinations and focus on directing traffic to them. We’ve learned much about how to best approach SEO and online marketing for winery websites.

One of the first revelations – many wineries simply do not own results around their OWN BRAND online. This goes above and beyond the name of your winery, and extends to every type of wine and release date featured on your website. It’s not that you don’t want or to mention your product, it’s that ranking more highly allows you to tell your story first, especially if you also sell your wines online. With that in mind, here’s a taste of some frequently asked wine and search questions:

What should I do about age verification?

When it comes to SEO, the home page is all-important. So what happens when you are required to slap an age-verification on your homepage? We certainly don’t want Google to think your site is about “You must be 21 years of age or older to enter. Please select your date of birth below.” Your homepage also must resolve at, and not redirect to

FINE has handled this by creating a clever pop-up screen that allows the user to enter their age, while still providing plenty of search-engine friendly content directly on the homepage. You can see this in action on several FINE websites, including this Healdsburg winery.

Do I need to create a unique page for every type of wine?

YES. Don’t make the mistake of listing various types of wine on one page, instead of creating a page for each type. It may be hard for your 2007 Chardonnay to position if you haven’t really devoted a page to it. Other online retailers selling your own wine (along with tons of others) could beat you!

But I put all my tasting notes in PDFs! It’s so much easier to link to all of these from one page!

You’re right. That is easier. But sometimes building a SEO-friendly site takes some time and elbow grease. We guarantee it will be worth your while to take that fabulous PDF content, put it in a real HTML page instead, and then also continue to offer PDFs for download and printing. Some SEOs might advise you to use robots.txt or other methods to block the PDFs from being indexed since they would be duplicate content to the main pages, but we think Google is smart enough to figure this out on their own.

I want to position on Napa Valley Winery. And also Napa Valley Wines. How do I do that? Give me the secret…
Honestly, that is going to be very hard. This is what we call a “Vanity Term”. It’s an instance where you are not only competing against other wineries, but information sites, tour sites, and even hotels.  It looks so attractive and shiny, but remember that every rose has its thorn. If you want to position on that term and currently are nowhere even in the top 30, be prepared to envision someone working on this 8 hours a day for an indefinite amount of time, building content and links. Probably 2 people.

Instead of focusing on on vanity terms, we suggest you focus on keywords specific to YOU. You will find these terms in the long tail, and the long tail can bring you more traffic than any vanity term ever would. This superb chart and SEO article from SEOMoz (we encourage you to subscribe to this site) illustrates this in more depth:

I want more people to come for wine tastings, and perform better in local search.
Local search is one of the best places a winery can work to optimize your brand and website. See this separate article we wrote, all about Local SEO. Also, don’t forget the huge power of Online Reviews. Also consider linking to your Google Places page from the footer of your website.

Any other tips I should know about?
Be sure to give every page on your website a unique Title Tag and Meta Description Tag that contains important keywords while also sounding great for users. Ideally you will write these by hand yourself, but if not, then create intelligent rules that auto-populate tags to make them as descriptive as possible. Back to that 2007 Chardonnay – if you created a page for it, but didn’t optimize the title tag or description (which instead only say the name of your winery), you’ve really reduced overall relevance for that page.

Also, if you sell your wine online, be sure you have registered and submitted a Google Merchant Feed.

Of course, from URL structure to website navigation, there are a variety of other factors that encompass creating a search-friendly website. But for those who run winery websites, these considerations may help guide you toward the traffic you so richly deserve.


James’ 100% Technical Good Time FINE Link Solution

9 December 2011 | Comments Off

Fullscreen HTML5 Video
Yeah you heard me!

Top 6 HTML5 Trends in 2011
Mobile first, responsive design and offline caching, oh my!

Embedded Tweets
Copy/paste-able HTML for Twitter.

Facebook to Launch a Subscribe Button for Websites
“Publishers will be able to add the button to their websites, much like they do with the Twitter “follow” button today, allowing users one-click access to a person’s public updates.”

The Challenges of Working Remotely
Sam Brown discusses his person experience with working remotely.

A 404 Page with Class
Kudos to for helping Justin out.

Chrome Take Their Dev Tools to the Next Level (Again)
Paul Irish gives a tour of some of the new features.

The Future is Gotham

28 October 2011 | Comments Off
YouTube Preview Image

Microsoft recently released this 6-minute, futuristic video that envisions the changing shape of technology in our lives. The video imagines a world in which touch screens and mobile devices pervade; acting as assistants, organizers, communicators, and more. It is at once ‘far out’ and not-that far off. Some nice interface graphics were created, and some really neat concepts are shown. If one thing is clear from this video, it is that the lovely (but certainly already overly-used) typeface Gotham will rule the world.

Dr. Brisko’s Magic Links: 10/24

26 October 2011 | Comments Off

NETHACK – The greatest game you will ever play
A very cool single page site with effects, on one of the most addictive games.

Logos in CSS3 only
No images. No JS. Just CSS.

The Hubble Blew My Mind
Last night, around 8:30pm, I was sitting in my backyard with my 9 yr. old daughter, Maddie. We were looking at stars, trying to identify constellations, when one of them started moving…

The Picasso of …
On the anniversary of Picasso’s 130th birthday a list of Picasso cliches. Brought to you by the Picasso of Link Clipping.

Injustice for all: The Lou Reed/Metallica album
… It’s not really designed for people who like music. It sounds like what it is: an elderly misanthrope reciting paradoxical aphorisms over a collection of repetitive, adrenalized sludge licks.

Mobile apps must die!
Frog’s creative director Scott Jenson argues that mobile apps must die. He explains why the overall model of native apps is holding us back and that they shouldn’t be the default approach.

Walking in CSS3
A man walking in CSS3, that is all.

A whole lot of information going on!

Think with Google
A place where innovators, experts and Google’s homegrown visionaries lend their insights and outlook on the digital future.


Pumpkin Branding For Designers & Other Maniacs

26 October 2011 | Comments Off

The great thing about Halloween is its power to make the most left-brained among us pause to celebrate the creative potential of costuming or carving a pumpkin. While you may cop out and go to the costume store to outfit yourself for the party, the pumpkin in particular is a tried and true call to creative action. We answered the call in our Portland agency office last week. There’s still time for you to express yourself in the pumpkin medium, too, whether for personal or professional reasons. We’ve supplied a few inspirational photos and links to get you started.

Start With Science Friday’s Inspirational Video.
If your brand needs advanced pumpkinometry, seek professional Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.


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