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16 February 2010 | Comments Off

consistent persona + customization to meet the ethos of each environment + benefit/reward = success in social media… er wait. any media.

Michael Bierut of Pentagram on Clients

3 February 2010 | 2 comments

“If you do good work for good clients, it will lead to other good work for other good clients. If you do bad work for bad cleints, it will lead to other bad work for other bad clients”

On a Boat Y’all!

24 January 2010 | Comments Off

FINE design group helps Hornblower Cruises and Events launch more than simply a website, but brand transformation. What you see on the new site is a culminating element among multiple re-branding efforts, including a new tagline, copy, advertising, and imagery approach that’s now infused throughout their marketing outreach. The cumulative effect is a new company identity for Hornblower that starts to lift them out of “bridge and tunnel” perceptions and focuses on the remarkable experience they provide. It’s not cheap to take a boat cruise, so the overall effort has been to show that the “on board experience” is truly special, while still allowing for promotional messaging aimed mostly at selling charters and putting “butts in seats” every weekend. The battle to keep image/experience at the forefront of their marketing instead of price and schedule is ongoing, but the website is a great example of that mission.

Learn more about our work with travel and hospitality industry leaders.

How wineries should be telling (or selling) their stories to customers—instead of relying on their labels

21 January 2010 | Comments Off

“Excuse me, but how do you expect to sell anything—let alone obscure wines from equally obscure producers—without telling us anything? Why should I fork over 20 or 30 bucks for a wine about which I know absolutely nothing?”

“Hurry Up and Wait”

6 January 2010 | Comments Off


GOOD Magazine had asked few futurists to explain the importance of slowing down your pace while working. Results may vary, of course. Ha.

“A resilient system is not necessarily a strong system,” says Cascio. “A tree that bends in the wind is more resilient than a wall that stands still.”

“Maybe the best way to slow down is to sleep a little more, and pay more attention when you’re awake.”

It’s almost very zen to practice this way, too.

Full article here.

2010: YourTurn

22 December 2009 | Comments Off

The new FINE holiday experience is now online at Visit there adn let us know what you’re going to stop waiting for now that it’s your turn.


How to be a good client.

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Swissmiss has made popular a very concise list of guidelines


They’re Rich And You’re Not

2 September 2009 | Comments Off

Lessons In Brand Marketing To The Affluent

Perhaps you don’t know any rich people and get few opportunities to observe them in their natural habitat. Their mysterious ways stymie your formulation of evil genius-caliber marketing plans to separate them from their surplus funds. This is an especially big problem if wealthy people are the only ones who can actually afford the products you sell.

There are two cornerstones of accepted wisdom about the affluent that may help.

First, being rich is as effortless as it is fabulous. It’s all velvet chairs, fluffed ascots, caviar dollops, and periodic urges to stir up high society scandal to fight the ennui that comes from never truly needing to get out of bed. Fortunes are amassed either through accident of birth, or as a by-product of living as though civil and scientific laws don’t apply.

Second, being rich may be fabulous, but it’s no fun. The rich secretly envy the simple pleasures that necessity invents. They long to sneak down to the ship’s lower decks and dance with the scruffy folk in steerage. Their luxuries insulate them from awareness of how miserable they truly are, and they will buy anything if it supports this illusion. During temporary lulls in the acquisition of furs, thoroughbreds, and boats with putting greens, they find comfort in decadent innovations, such as bathrooms wallpapered with 100-dollar bills. The richer the person, the poorer the soul! Read the rest of this entry »

Research shows consumer trust has plumme…

8 July 2009 | Comments Off

Research shows consumer trust has plummeted over the past decade. 75+% believe nothing a company tells them through the traditional means of advertising, identity, and print tactics. Research also shows that their website is the only lingering shred of credibility clients have, because it gives customers information and ways to interact and experience the company that THEY control. In order of importance, in almost all categories, the most influential channels for building brands are as follows: 1) word of mouth, 2) websites. And, of course, the two channels are increasingly overlapping online and creating new ways to interact with companies and other consumers. To sum it all up (and to put your work in perspective), the websites we design, build, and maintain are now the #1 branding touchpoint for our clients, whether they always realize it or not.

Purchase Funnel Dead? interesting thoughts…

30 June 2009 | 1 comment

We’ve intuitively known for while that it no longer holds true (if it ever did), but despite many attempts, we’ve had nothing come along that’s replaced it… good post on the topic.