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Pro Tips: How To Handle Heartbleed

10 April 2014 | 1 comment

Call us bleeding hearts, but Heartbleed makes us concerned for your online security. We told you earlier what you should know about Heartbleed, and since it’s been a vulnerability in 2/3 of all websites for 2 years, it’s probably a good time to reset your passwords.

Resetting the many keys to your digital world is a project right up there next to taxes and root canals. So we asked FINE’s team of professional project managers to publish their “pro tips” on how to make this otherwise painful task, you know, manageable.
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Thanks IxDA PDX!

10 April 2014 | Comments Off

You know when you hear about an amazing conference you wish you could go to, but it’s on the other side of the world and there aren’t any tickets left? Or have you ever attended a crazy-long conference and at the end, wished someone had previewed it for you and cherry-picked the top presentations?

Well, last Tuesday a few of our FINE team members were granted both wishes!
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Digital Project Managers – Unite!

7 April 2014 | Comments Off

On a recent Saturday afternoon, close to 50 attendees gathered in a former warehouse space in inner NE Portland for a meeting of the minds. And a few FINE minds from our project direction team were among them.
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Summit Partners: Helping Entrepreneurs Help Themselves

4 March 2014 | Comments Off


Summit Partners is a global leader in growth equity and credit investing for rapidly growing companies. They have a long and storied history, and their existing website had become content-intensive over time as a function of keeping pace with their evolution. Without losing site of a strong track record, they needed a new digital presence to re-focus on their core message to high growth companies: We can help you grow even more.

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The Foldless Web

11 December 2013 | Comments Off

We have this myth that every website contains something called a “fold”. More and more it’s just that: a myth. Here we present some basic thoughts on what you need to think about, and what you don’t, when it comes to web and mobile sites that offer a fold-free experience.

IA & UX: Where Great Digital Journeys Begin

20 September 2013 | Comments Off

Creating a rich “user experience” has become a key marketing objective for brands and businesses of all sizes. You’ve seen the acronyms IA and UX. Learn what they mean, what they involve, and the important role that each plays in designing digital experiences in these “20 FINE Slides.”

20 FINE Slides: Hospitality

9 July 2012 | Comments Off
20 FINE Slides: Hospitality
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The 2nd in our series of slide mondos, this time we take a perspective on what’s happening with the hospitality marketplace. If there’s one industry that’s been transformed by digital branding and web design, it’s travel. When it comes to where they’ll stay, consumers expect digital tools to take them someplace before they ever go there. And now the trend is moving further into the purchase cycle, by taking digital with you when you go, as mobile devices integrate into hospitality research and booking, but into the hospitality experience itself.

20 FINE Slides On Wine

21 March 2012 | Comments Off

What role does digital branding play in wine marketing? There are many ways to answer that. But here’s 20 slides with one important perspective: digital done right is always as much product development as it is traditional marketing. And the experience of wine is very much driven by expectations. So if what you’re doing online doesn’t actually make your wine taste better, then it’s probably falling short.

Anchor Brewing: Beer Is Social

23 February 2012 | Comments Off

Anchor Brewing Company is one of America’s oldest breweries. The San Francisco icon is credited by many for launching the movement toward locally-brewed, hand-crafted beers that have surged in popularity in recent years.

In the spring of 2011, Anchor contacted FINE Design Group about developing a new website for their beer brands and distilled spirits. As discussions continued and evolved, social media became a key component to the digital strategy, leveraging FINE’s Big Daylight division, and part of creating a complete digital ecosystem for a legendary brand. Here’s a glimpse into the process and results.

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Health Happens Here: Health Gets A New Identity

15 February 2012 | Comments Off

In our work with The California Endowment, we’ve come to understand what it means that health is not something that happens in a doctor’s office. It’s something that happens in neighborhoods, schools, and all the places where we live and work. The starkest evidence of that is how much life expectancy changes depending upon where you live. That’s why you’ll increasingly see a groundswell behind the notion that Health Happens Here. In Neighborhoods. In Schools. And with Prevention. And you’ll increasingly see the signature pin-drop identity we created to support the concept.

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