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The Applification of the Web

5 August 2013 | Comments Off

As the world gets more mobile, websites are beginning to look and feel like apps. Or perhaps apps are beginning to look and feel like websites. Responsive design and development has created a trend toward the “Applification of the Web”. This quick slideshow gives a few examples of the design elements you’ll increasingly see in our new, applified, responsive world wide web:

A FINE Partnership: Portland Code School

1 August 2013 | Comments Off

“The Portland Code School (PCS) is an intensive 12-week course focused on teaching the essential skills necessary to begin working as a junior programmer upon graduation. Our students are smart, creative, passionate, super-rad people who want to learn code and jump-start a career in web development.” – from the PCS website.

PCS is an exceptional local education program because, for the most part, higher education choices for web developers don’t really hit the mark. Your options are “multimedia” which is very broad and encompasses other industries, or a 4-year generalized Computer Science degree that only touches on Web development.

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Connecting with Influencers: One of Social Media’s Greatest Gifts

29 July 2013 | Comments Off

The proliferation of social media – especially the 1:1 format of Twitter – has created new opportunities for connecting with the ‘influencers’ in the field you work in, whether across town or across the pond. So how do you go about creating these connections? Sometimes it’s as easy as saying hello – or saying “happy birthday.”

When FINE developer Alex Miley had a birthday this month, fellow developer Bob Potter thought it would be fun to do something more than a cake or card. So he reached out to Paul Irish, well-respected in the Web development community, and asked for the quick favor of a social media birthday greeting for his fan Alex.

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Portland’s Prime Time for Craft Beer

26 July 2013 | Comments Off

Though America’s original craft brewers, FINE client Anchor Brewing Company, made their name in San Francisco, Portland’s lately earned the title “Beervana” by having more breweries per capita than any other city in the US of A. Read the rest of this entry »

FINE Folks Pedal to Portland to Fight HIV/Aids

23 July 2013 | Comments Off

Bob (foreground) and Dave (right) ready to ride in the STP.

Earlier this month, two members of the FINE PDX team, developer Bob Potter and designer Dave Handlong, rode in the annual Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, a two-day ride that spans over 200 miles. The ‘STP’, as it’s known, is the biggest cycling event in the Northwest, and one of the biggest group rides in the country. Over 12,000 cycling enthusiasts traveled from throughout the country to participate in this year’s ride.

While most riders participate for the challenge and experience, Bob and Dave decided to ride in support of the Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) , a community-based provider of HIV services, housing, education, and advocacy in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Read the rest of this entry »

Kimpton Hotels Goes Public with Their Bike-Loving Brand

23 July 2013 | Comments Off

Bikes are booming. It’s easy to see why: they’re fun, green, healthy, stylish, and even practical – the U.S. Census bureau says bike commuting’s increased by 36% since 2005.

Kimpton Hotels, ahead of this trend as they have been so many others, have often offered guests complimentary loaner bikes. But their brand-wide commitment to two-wheelers kicked into high gear through a new partnership with PUBLIC Bikes.

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World Domination Summit – Amazing People with Big Plans

8 July 2013 | Comments Off

Proving once again that world domination is a state of mind, Portland just wrapped up its third successful World Domination Summit.

3,000 visitors from around the globe descended on the city for a three-day adventure of exchanging ideas, pursuing entrepreneurial goals, listening to inspirational speakers at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and breaking a floating World Record.

Joining hands to set a floating world record on the Willamette River

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The View from “Up on the Roof”

24 June 2013 | Comments Off

Who says you can’t have a yard in the city or basketball court on the roof?

We recently added Alex Maclean’s “Up On the Roof” to our collection of books in the FINE PDX library. Mr. Maclean used low-flying airplanes and helicopters to capture the rarely-seen oases of the Big Apple. The pages are filled with a countless array of surprising, breathtaking ideas.

The arrival of the book has inspired FINE to take it to the top! Our FINE cities provide rooftops and patios full of luscious plantlife, BBQ areas, and hammocks just begging for sunbathers toting margarita pitchers, and we have obliged.

Check out Mr. Maclean’s book and the rest of his work, here.

FINE Sign: It Speaks To You

23 April 2013 | Comments Off

The sign in the lobby of our Portland office speaks to you. Or tries. For those who stop and listen to the whispering background type, it’s a big sloppy, passionate, run-on sentence that goes a little something like you see above… or read on for the text version…

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Anchor Brewing Mobile Site: Craft Beer Pioneers Mobilize Their Rich Brand

18 September 2012 | Comments Off

America’s original craft beer brand continues the growth of its digital ecosystem with the launch of the new Anchor Brewing mobile website. With the goal to retain the rich feel of the desktop site and expand with content suitable for mobile (including tablet) viewership, it’s another strong touchpoint in the online reinvention of the pioneering Anchor brand.

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