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Health Happens Here: Health Gets A New Identity

15 February 2012 | Comments Off

In our work with The California Endowment, we’ve come to understand what it means that health is not something that happens in a doctor’s office. It’s something that happens in neighborhoods, schools, and all the places where we live and work. The starkest evidence of that is how much life expectancy changes depending upon where you live. That’s why you’ll increasingly see a groundswell behind the notion that Health Happens Here. In Neighborhoods. In Schools. And with Prevention. And you’ll increasingly see the signature pin-drop identity we created to support the concept.

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Twin Farms: Delicious Air Meets 5-Star Hospitality

13 February 2012 | Comments Off

When Nobel prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis proposed to journalist Dorothy Thompson in 1928, she promised to marry him if he bought her a farm in Vermont with sweeping lawns, orchards, and “delicious air.”

More than eight decades later, that magical property – Twin Farms – has become Vermont’s only luxury, five-star hospitality experience, earning membership in the globally coveted Relais & Chateaux.

With a sophisticated yet eccentric private art collection throughout 20 uniquely designed accommodations on 300 acres, Twin Farms customizes every detail, yet offers one all-inclusive price.

Though the property is truly unparalleled, the new website starts with the basics: show the property, answer the questions, describe the experience, and make it easy to book. On that foundation of hospitality web design’s best practices, the experience quickly becomes exceptional.

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FruitFast: The Power of Fruit

13 February 2012 | Comments Off

Over five generations, Brownwood Acres has developed an internationally recognized product line based around cherries, blueberries, pomegranates, red raspberries, cranberries and concord grapes harvested in Northwest Michigan.

Their FruitFast tart cherry juice has become the nation’s best-seller, and their fruit supplements use a proprietary, chemical-free, natural process to capture the entire the antioxidant-rich, healthful benefits of dark skinned whole fruits.

The redesigned FruitFast website is meant to expand the company’s reach, drawing would-be customers with their naturally enticing products, and creating the conditions for increased conversion and loyalty.

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Google Analytics Real Time Stats – Kinda

9 February 2012 | Comments Off


Originally posted on our Big Daylight division blog, here’s a look at the potential for real time glimpses at web traffic.

There’s no denying the web is getting faster. Connection speeds for home, business, and (especially) mobile are allowing consumers to get the data they want faster and quicker than ever before.  Online marketers are no different – we want our data, and we want it NOW!  We spend a lot of time in Google Analytics, our favorite (and free!) analytics program. It’s great and provides us the tools we need to analyze and measure traffic, trends, and most importantly, ROI for our clients. But if we wanted to see what was going on with a site right this moment, we were out of luck. Until now.

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Your Google + Profile: Passport To…Everything?

9 February 2012 | Comments Off

As originally posted on our Big Daylight division blog, here’s a thrilling tale of Google supremacy.

Like all the best horror stories, the import of particular events doesn’t always strike the reader until later.  Seemingly small, localized tragedies snowball into global catastrophes.  Nobody saw the disaster coming, save for an unheeded few.  Nobody listened…until it was too late.  Oh, the humanity!

This could be one of those stories.

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The Social Score On Superbowl XLVI

6 February 2012 | Comments Off

Originally posted on our Big Daylight division blog, here’s a look at the most social-est Superbowl ever.

While the Giants were the winners of Superbowl XLVI, much of the post game discussion focused on who won the annual “Brandbowl.” Superbowl commercials are as important as the game itself for many, with brands investing millions to produce spots that stand out on advertising’s biggest stage, and millions more for airtime during the telecast.

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The Komen Furor: Lessons In Social Savvy

3 February 2012 | Comments Off

Originally posted on our Big Daylight division blog, this post takes a look at the frenzied social media response to the Komen funding issue.

Disclaimer: This a post about social media, not politics. There are plenty of social and political lessons to be learned here on both sides, but the power of online communication and engagement applies to both sides of the argument.

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James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution: 2/3

3 February 2012 | Comments Off

A weekly roundup from the web technologies world.

Developing for old browsers is (almost) a thing of the past
Key word is “almost”

Mozilla developing Web push notification system for Firefox
Notify your website users even if they aren’t on your site.

Mac OSX Lion’s scroll breaks the web
You probably thought you were scrolling horizontally. Nope! Page forward!

8 Tips for Sane IA
A nice roundup of information architecture ideas.

Tools for the next generation of Web Applications
Jens Nockert looks at some new tools for the web.

Responsive Design Test Bookmarklet
View your site in multiple browser sizes at once.

An iOs app actually takes a lot of work!
The red tape of iOS

…maybe i should start a blog.

31 January 2012 | Comments Off

The world deserves to know what I ate today. That makes for good reading.

Sarah and the Seed

31 January 2012 | Comments Off

Sarah and the Seed by Ryan Andrews is one of the most captivating web comics that I have ever read. It’s a five part series and gets a bit dark (be sure you read until the end!). The art is beautiful and the story is amazing. See for yourself!