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Accel Partners Ventures Forward

18 April 2012 | Comments Off

Accel Partners is, by many accounts, the largest global venture capital partnership in the world. Their 30-year history is marked by collaboration with big names in technology, like Spotify, Cloudera, ComScore, Etsy, GroupOn, metroPCS, Rovio/Angry Birds, and, among many others. Most notably, they were among the first investors in Facebook.

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Good Time Tech Link Solution

17 April 2012 | Comments Off

A bi-monthly look at the world of web technologies.

Instagram + Facebook
Facebook buys Instagram for like… a billion dollars.

Google Drive Detailed
Leaked press release gives us possible details of Google Drive, a new file storage service.

Discovering a Major Security Hole in Facebook’s Android SDK
Parse finds issues with Facebook’s SDK

Round Up of Web Browser Internals Resources
A link to links to help you understand your browser

An interesting idea for a new IDE

Light Table
Another new IDE conecpt

Screen Resolution Alert
1366×768 takes over 1024×768 as most popular desktop resolution

Austin Kleon’s De-Signs

2 April 2012 | Comments Off

Austin Kleon is a self-dubbed “writer who draws.” Many first became aware of his work through his Newspaper Blackout Poems and then later his inspirational talk, Steal like an Artist, that spread through the internetz like wildfire.

Kleon’s De-Signs have gone a bit more unnoticed but are definitely noteworthy and fun. The concept is simple: he snaps a photo of a sign and then edits the photo to say something new. Some of them are funny, some are sad and some are inspirational.

Here are two that we’re especially fond of:

Take a gander at the rest.

James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution

2 April 2012 | Comments Off

April Fool’s Day Jokes from Around the Web
A roundup of jokes no one fell for.

Learn a language while helping translate the web.

Paul Irish’s Talk at SXSW
Paul talks latest and greatest

The Developer’s Guide to New and Exciting Web Technologies
New technologies beyond HTML5.

An HTML5 online multiplayer game

Chrome Beats IE Market Share for One Day

The EMs Have It
Proportional Media Queries FTW!

20 FINE Slides On Wine

21 March 2012 | Comments Off

What role does digital branding play in wine marketing? There are many ways to answer that. But here’s 20 slides with one important perspective: digital done right is always as much product development as it is traditional marketing. And the experience of wine is very much driven by expectations. So if what you’re doing online doesn’t actually make your wine taste better, then it’s probably falling short.

James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution

20 March 2012 | Comments Off

A simple html5 wysiwyg editor.

Launch: The All New Basecamp
37signals launched Basecamp Next

Cutting the Mustard
The browser is a hostile environment.

A Simple Devise Diagram for Responsive Design Planning
They weren’t kidding.

View your site in a number of devices widths.

A jQuery plugin for parsing URLs.

Apple release Safari 5.1.4 with improved Javascript performance on OS X Lion

Brighter Planet Reference Data
Need data sets? Brighter Planet has you covered.

James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution

3 March 2012 | Comments Off

Should All Web Traffic Be Encrypted?
With HTTPS getting cheaper, encrypting would be a good standard.

Responsive Navigation Patterns
Helpful tips on keeping your navigation responsive.

Remote Debugging with Chrome for Android
With Chrome for Android comes developer tools.

jQuery HTML5 Fullscreen Slideshow
A fullscreen slideshow that automatically deprecates.

Interpreted Languages
Comparing PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby

Normalize and preserve helpful browser defaults, instead of resetting them.

CommArts Double FINE Time

24 February 2012 | Comments Off

With both Anchor Brewing Company and Paul Hobbs Winery featured as webpicks on Communication Arts simultaneously, it’s the coveted CommArts roadblock.

Anchor Brewing’s new site is this week’s webpick of the week, and the Paul Hobbs website was featured as the webpick of the day for February 22.

Congrats to Anchor and Hobbs for this brand recognition…

Anchor Brewing: Beer Is Social

23 February 2012 | Comments Off

Anchor Brewing Company is one of America’s oldest breweries. The San Francisco icon is credited by many for launching the movement toward locally-brewed, hand-crafted beers that have surged in popularity in recent years.

In the spring of 2011, Anchor contacted FINE Design Group about developing a new website for their beer brands and distilled spirits. As discussions continued and evolved, social media became a key component to the digital strategy, leveraging FINE’s Big Daylight division, and part of creating a complete digital ecosystem for a legendary brand. Here’s a glimpse into the process and results.

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James’ Good Time Tech Link Solution – 2/17

17 February 2012 | Comments Off

Introducing Chrome for Android
Android get’s a faster, simpler browser.

HTML5 Boilerplate 3.0!
Checkout the latest version of everyone’s favorite boilerplate.

iOs apps caught uploading your address book to it’s servers.

So Apple responds.

People to follow on GitHub
Keep  an eye on some great developers.

Responsive Text
An interesting idea to make content respond to your device.

Gatekeeper’s Dialog
New OS X feature blocks unsigned apps by default.

TL;DR on Vendor Prefix Drama
To prefix or not to prefix…