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A Tech Capital Leader Transforms Its Own Digital Brand

2 November 2012 | Comments Off

Francisco Partners is a leading global private equity firm focused exclusively on investments in technology businesses. Their passion for technology starts with the companies they invest in and now extends to the website that bears their name.

To thrive within the tech community and show “domain expertise”, it’s important to reflect a sensitivity to technology within your own company’s digital ecosystem. The new Francisco Partners website has the feel of a tech publication, from the signature photography created in a dedicated photo shoot, to the ownable infographics and article-like headline text. Behind the site, a custom content management system helps them manage news and information to remain constantly relevant, evolving, and current.

Above all, the site’s responsive construction allows it to move fluidly between desktop and mobile viewing. All the details of site imagery, nav, and coding were carefully orchestrated to enable the site’s feel and function to be a demonstration of technology in action. In the end, it’s as though the flexible, transformational approach of the company were applied to the way their website was developed.

ECI: A Healthcare Leader Delivers A More Impactful Experience

8 October 2012 | Comments Off

Emergency Consultants, Inc. is a national leader in the healthcare staffing and management industry, focusing on the critical needs around emergency services in hospitals and urgent care facilities, hospitalists, and coding and billing services.

The company’s success and rapid growth necessitated a holistic look at their brand and digital presence to better position them for the future. The engagement began at the core brand level – ECI previously had three identities and websites dedicated to each of its sub-brands (Emergency Consultants, Hospitalist Consultants, Apollo Coding & Billing). The new approach crafts a complementary suite of brands that connects the services under one brand umbrella, and a look and feel that reflects the company’s innovative promise.

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Anchor Brewing Mobile Site: Craft Beer Pioneers Mobilize Their Rich Brand

18 September 2012 | Comments Off

America’s original craft beer brand continues the growth of its digital ecosystem with the launch of the new Anchor Brewing mobile website. With the goal to retain the rich feel of the desktop site and expand with content suitable for mobile (including tablet) viewership, it’s another strong touchpoint in the online reinvention of the pioneering Anchor brand.

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20 FINE Slides: Hospitality

9 July 2012 | Comments Off
20 FINE Slides: Hospitality
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The 2nd in our series of slide mondos, this time we take a perspective on what’s happening with the hospitality marketplace. If there’s one industry that’s been transformed by digital branding and web design, it’s travel. When it comes to where they’ll stay, consumers expect digital tools to take them someplace before they ever go there. And now the trend is moving further into the purchase cycle, by taking digital with you when you go, as mobile devices integrate into hospitality research and booking, but into the hospitality experience itself.

Good Time Tech Link Solution

15 June 2012 | Comments Off

A bi-monthly look at the world of web technologies.


Responsive Workflow
Responsive sites throw a wrench in waterfall workflows.

The Making of Octicons
How GitHub developed it’s own icon font.

15 Things for a Ruby Beginner
We love Ruby! Here’s how to get started.

Mobile Tactile Tech Get’s Physical
A tactile touch screen surface?

Google Finally Takes a Clear Stance on Mobile SEO Practices
And the winner is: responsive sites!


Understanding Viewport
A set of HTML pages with different viewport settings.

Tip developers on Git for doing awesome open-source work.

jQuery Transit
CSS3 transitions with jQuery

Grunt JS
A JS build tool that gaining momentum.

Anchor Distilling: A New Brand Distilled From A Gallery Of Artisinal Rarities.

5 June 2012 | Comments Off

The Anchor name may be more associated with brewing, but San Francisco’s Anchor Distilling Co. is making a strong brand for itself. It boasts an artisanal portfolio with over 300 specialty products from nearly 20 countries. All are from multigenerational family-owned companies, sought by connoisseurs for their superior handcrafted artisanal qualities.

Their new comprehensive, educational, and user-friendly website aggregates the multitude of Anchor Distilling brands with a spare and clean ease that’s equal parts gallery and encyclopedia. The design allows for easy navigation through Anchor’s robust portfolio, brand overviews, product details, tasting notes, fact sheets, information on Anchor Distilling Company, and the history of America’s first craft distillery, the Anchor Distillery.
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Good Time Tech Link Solution 5/25/12

21 May 2012 | Comments Off

A bi-monthly look at the world of web technologies.


Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps
In the big app vs web debate, do publishers prefer web?

How LinkedIn Built it’s New iPad App
Hint: There’s only 5% native code.

In Flux
The current state of retina.

html5shiv and Severing Content From Code Repositories
For a good time serve libraries directly from your app.


A better approach to rich text editing.

Chrome DevTool’s Vertical Timeline
A new tool for your tools.

HTML5 Audio
The state of play

Good Time Tech Link Solution

7 May 2012 | Comments Off

A bi-monthly look at the world of web technologies.

The Origin of the <blink> Tag
Who ever came up with that must’ve been drunk…

Responsive Web Design
A Project Managers perspective.

Progress: RailsConf 2012 Keynote
David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails, talks about progress in our favorite framework.

RIP Hot Pink Text Highlighting
In a sad day HTML5 Boilerplate updates their default text selection color to something more neutral :(

Using HTML5 localStorage on a Form
How to save form data even if you reload the page.

Remote Debugging Protocol v1.0
Safari takes another step forward with their web inspector toolkit.

Pinning Brand Hopes to Pinterest

3 May 2012 | Comments Off

You’ve probably heard a lot about Pinterest recently. And with good reason – it took the social mediasphere by storm heading into this year, and has quickly grown to be the third most popular social networking site in the U.S.

The social Web is moving toward a more visual presentation (Facebook’s transition to the Timeline format and its recent acquisition of Instagram are two examples), and social media users have embraced this trend. During the first three months of 2012, users uploaded 300 million photos per day to Facebook.

Pinterest offers its users easy access to content through a visual interface dominated by images. The format is simple, and sharing – or “re-pinnning” – content is easy.

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TentCraft Pitches Their Digital Brand

18 April 2012 | Comments Off

Often overlooked in the mix of media that create marketing touchpoints, customized, printed tents for events and location-based outreach are a significant branding opportunity. TentCraft is America’s leader in this niche, and an exclusive provider of MasterTent, the world’s premium tent provider.

Based in Traverse City, Michigan, TentCraft’s high-quality product and excellent customer service have led them to work with marketing agencies and marketing departments for some of the biggest brands in the country.

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