James’ 100% Technical Good Time FINE Link Solution: 12/16

16 December 2011 | Comments Off

TextMate 2.0 Alpha
The TextMate we know and love is finally growing up!

The Quicksort Algorithm Explained
…using Hungarian folk dance.

15 Web Conference Talks You Need to Watch
According to .net Magazine

Microsoft Turns on Auto Update Internet Explorer for Everyone
The internet applauds.

An Intro to OOCSS
Let’s all do our part to fight CSS bloat.

Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps
An excellent slideshow on bringing HTML5 features to non-supported browsers.

Speaking of polyfills, here’s a good one for CSS3 Media Queries

Hidden Industry Dupes Social Media Users
Your captchas aren’t enough anymore.

Why Apps Are Not The Future
The web is dead, or is it? A simple case against apps.


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