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6 October 2010 | Comments Off

New around the PDX office…

Project Management Takes the Field

5 October 2010 | Comments Off

It’s baseball season, and our client is called LeftField, but we will, with some difficulty, restrain ourselves from too many baseball analogies.

But we hope that we, like LeftField, hit it out of the park this week with Boston-based construction project guru Jim Rogers’ FINE new home.

LeftField takes the burdens and headaches of construction management off the owner’s shoulders, orchestrating the details of some of the Northeast’s highest profile, large-scale developments (from Harvard University labs to bankcard complexes).

And don’t neglect to check out the 2nd best use of a Show/Tell toggle ever.

Much of what LeftField does is down in the project management dugout trying to prevent unforeseen expenses from arising from out of left field. Their focus on the finished product brings it all sliding gracefully into home.

(OK, so we lied about not using baseball analogies…)

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Vetrazzo joins Polycor

27 September 2010 | Comments Off

A hearty congratulations to James Sheppard and the rest of the Vetrazzo team for their recent induction into Polycor, world leader in natural stone. Vetrazzo came to FINE for the creation of a striking brand identity, print and digital marketing platform upon which to launch the company. The identity, speaking to both old and new world sensibilities had an immediate impact on the market, backed by inspired product and solid customer service.

According to James, “A large part of what Polycor was after was our brand, and you guys played an instrumental role in that.” Vetrazzo transforms recycled glass into artful surfaces for home and commercial applications such as countertops, tabletops etc. Polycor says this fits perfectly with their current brand, specializing in locally-produced environmentally friendly products.

Old Man Fine Still Bringin’ Good Knowledge (SEO)

27 September 2010 | Comments Off

Funny you never know where or how the things you help with will find their way to the ‘interweb’.

FINE knowledge and kudos from a friend.

In this case, I was lucky to get it right. Funnier yet, is that I just recently reviewed an SEO recommendations document from the second largest recruitment firm in the country that got it all wrong, <sigh> and they charged big bucks for that doc… shame shame.

Sheep face looking at camera.

Thanks, Beth, for the kudos.


22 September 2010 | Comments Off

Can’t wait to decorate my breakfast table with it. Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Slow (in a good way)

13 September 2010 | Comments Off

This is a few years old now, and I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the structure itself is pretty darn ugly, but the idea is pretty darn cool. The One Day Poem Pavilion was a Master’s thesis experiment artist Jiyeon Song.

The perforated surface, combined with the changing angles of sunlight throughout a day, spells out a 5-line poem, but here’s the kicker in today’s…well you know how fast we expect things to happen. For this, you have to wait. Each line takes about an hour.

YouTube Preview Image

An hour, for each line to form, become clear, be absorbed, and fade into the next, an hour spent outside in the sun thinking about beautiful things at leisure . Sounds kinda nice on a Monday doesn’t it?

And some of Song’s other typography and shadow experiments.

What are we blogging for?

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The Next Generation In Employer Branding

2 September 2010 | Comments Off

Word’s gotten around about a new partnership FINE’s formed with TAG Consulting that aims at an increasingly important part of the branding and digital communications world – employer branding. And now it’s gone public with the launch of the new placeholder site at which hints at a greater Employ Brands site to come.

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Smell this?

2 September 2010 | Comments Off

Consuming a product has both tangible and intangible implications. Though the digital realm, rather consistently, suffers from the lack of tactile reward there are rare cases where one can imbibe enough of a notion to feel uniquely sated. We look forward to introducing you to one of those experiences through which we hope to imply an olfactory impression and a more deeply felt craving; bottled and corked by passionate craftspeople in the Pacific Northwest.

Eri Griffin

1 September 2010 | Comments Off

Beautiful ink illustrations by Eri Griffin.