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Simple Spark – online catalog of great web apps

17 July 2007 | Comments Off

Finally, a categorized listing of the best web apps that are out there… forget all the tedious searching and hunting, this is a really great starting point to find an app to suit your needs (and maybe even a few of our FINE needs)

oh and even better, its a little app of itself, make and account and save apps to your favorites for easy finding

excited? visit their site

Brad Bird, Animation Auteur

11 July 2007 | Comments Off

How the director of Ratatouille became the Stanley Kubrick of animation.

Information design for the digital age

28 June 2007 | Comments Off

Jonathan Harris distills the Web’s infinite avalanche of thoughts, facts, and feelings into exquisitely framed portraits of humanity.
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Pencil Power!

26 June 2007 | Comments Off

Remember the pencils that rolled into your mailbox around New Year’s time along with the exhortation to “Sharpen Yourself, Why Don’t You?” Well they’ll be features as Best Self Promotion in the PRINT Magazine design annual for 2007. Keep them quips comin!

On brand indentities that are flexible

21 June 2007 | Comments Off

“As advertising agencies lose their grip on the communications channels, the logos are starting to come out of the corner. Once pushed as far over to the bottom right as possible, they’re becoming central to communication, no longer content to just be the the full-stop at the end of a piece of branded communication.”

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arune’s modeling career begins

18 June 2007 | Comments Off

let’s all give a big round of applause to our very own arune for his modelling debut, which will be featured in the july issue of Stuff magazine. arune has generously donated his time to be the posterboy for a feature on

from what i hear, he’s already been contacted by other publications.



15 June 2007 | Comments Off

Dash’s new Web venture is BlockSavvy, a site aimed at what he dubs the “urban-lifestyle demographic.” When I ask what motivated this endeavor, Dash answers bluntly, “Money.” When I ask him to elaborate, he turns to Burke, who explains, “After MySpace sold for $580 million, we said, damn, we gotta get us some of that.”

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Marc Andreessen’s Guide to Personal Productivity

12 June 2007 | Comments Off

Some interesting recommendations

London 2012

7 June 2007 | Comments Off

London has debuted their new logo for the 2012 Olympic bid. People are in an outrage!

NY Times coverage

Official London 2012 site

Site of the Week

6 June 2007 | Comments Off

Communication Arts’ design Interact has again selected a FINE new site as Site of the Week. This time, it’s that new brand with the sustainable story you’ve been hearing about: Vetrazzo.

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